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  Who is Mrs. Preshan Clay?  

Preshan Clay is a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and the founder and CEO of Wrapped Vision. Preshan has been called to a life of servitude and takes pride in the fact that both of her businesses allow her to do this freely. Helping others has been instilled in her by her mother since she was a young girl, and now it has become a passion that fuels her goals. Both companies have a direct mission to spread light and joy in the lives of others, while also connecting with the community on a personal level. Preshan understands that bringing joy in the lives of others is not always a breeze, but she takes this responsibility to heart and always approaches each assignment with love, passion, & 100% excellence. 

For Preshan, the driving force of these companies is simple—following the path that has been laid out before her by her Savior, Jesus Christ. Her delight is to do the will of Him who has sent her to be a beacon of light in the lives of others. She knew she could not turn her back on the instructions to start both great companies, which have positioned her to be able to expand mentally, physically, and naturally. Preshan is a wife and the mother of four children ages 24, 22, 20, and 19. She takes every available opportunity to teach and show her children how to live a life worthy of service.

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