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It's not what you think!

Have you ever read a book that had such an unexpected twist that you were so surprised at the outcome? How about a movie that turned out to be the opposite of what you thought? Did the end result make you go back in your mind to see if there were clues that you possibly missed along the way as you journeyed through the storyline? Were you so enraptured by the turn of events that you made it a point to re-read or re-watch it again to figure out how things happened the way that they did? Life itself can be just as unexpected. It's easy to get lost in the things that take place in our lives when we lose sight of how we got to a particular place, seemingly out of nowhere, with no real solution to get back on track. Sometimes, just having enough energy to make it out of bed is too much to bear. So, what is one to do when we reach this all too familiar point? I have just the answer you are looking for. It's not an easy task to accomplish, but it is most definitely the solution that you are seeking. Without this action we can always expect to have a feeling of incompleteness, inadequacy, loneliness, unfulfillment, and lack. With it we can expect just the overwhelming feeling of peace and purpose.

We have numerous experiences in our lives and no two experiences are quite the same. Different people with varying personalities ensure that our daily encounters will be unique. This makes it hard to explain to others how we are feeling at times. Two families can go to an aquarium on the same day, at the same time of day, and walk the same path alongside one another and have totally different experiences. See, no matter how concrete certain things are in our lives, there will always be the space given to variables which will either make things brighter or gloomier to the ones involved. There will always be highs and lows in our lives. As the old saying goes, "what goes up must come down." Life is designed to throw difficulties at us. Not always just for the sake of causing us pain, but sometimes to challenge us where we are. If we're never put in a position to take a look at where we are and ponder if changes need to be made, many of us would remain where we are with no desire to pursue greatness. That's not to say the person that doesn't like difficulties is weak, lazy, or the like. As humans, we just don't like pain. If we can avoid it, we would.

Purposeful pain and challenges are, and should always be viewed as, beneficial to one that has the right perspective. It's in these times that we are able to become a better version of ourselves if we allow the pain to be revelatory. Here is where we must surrender to the One who is able to make all things work for our good. We have a pathway that has been made for us to overcome anything that we face. The problem is that many of us try to bypass this pathway in order to accomplish our own plans. We were not created to be islands. God made us so that we could all help others. Servitude is a part of who we are as humans. When we lose sight of this truth, we put ourselves in the place to become someone we were not meant to become. Whatever we find ourselves doing in this life is suppose to also bring benefits to those around us. Our answer to the difficulties that we face is to simply surrender to God and to let Him show us what we should be doing. As humans, this is a difficult task because God gave us something called freewill. This is something that only humans have. It's a God-like attribute that should be used wisely. In surrendering we will find that the journey is much brighter, even with the difficulties and pain that are sure to come because that's just life. That part of life will never end. It can, however, be easier to deal with if we place our burdens where they the hands of Jesus. The One that is able to bear them all without being weighted down. He overcame sin so that we could have a way out of the ending that was sure to come for each of us. In surrendering to God, we overthrow the very thing that was meant to cause us pain throughout eternity. When we surrender, it sets us apart and allows us access to power that equips us to be strong and courageous, even in the face of adversity. So, my friends, surrender it all to God and let Him lead you to your purpose. The world is waiting for YOU to be revealed!

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