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Out of the darkness!

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a situation that you really desired to be free of? Many times we find ourselves in a reality that we'd like to escape, but we lack the ability to come out of it. Whether that's due to finances, mindset, complacency, or CAN be free! We were built to handle much more than we give ourselves credit for. The things that we've gone through in our past have set up a particular way of thinking, and for some of us it's not a mindset of success. We begin to see a pattern in our lives and we begin to think this is how it will always be. I'm here to let you know that there is a way to change your way of thinking so that you can be free from the dark clouds that loom everywhere you go. It starts with identifying those habits that are keeping you from being able to envision a different set of circumstances. The mind is such a powerful thing! Have you every noticed that when you get a new car you now begin to see that type of car everywhere you go? This is because you've added something new to your vision. The way to come out of your darkness is to train your mind to think another way by creating new and good habits that will take the place of those bad habits, thereby creating more positive mental space for you to "see" differently. We don't always recognize it, but our habits determine our outlook. If we don't create good habits, it will be difficult to change our lives. YOU CAN DO IT! Make a list of the bad habits you have been allowing in your life & take one (1) at a time to replace it with a new and good habit. It doesn't happen overnight, just as your forming of bad habits didn't happen instantaneously. It takes intentional consistency to create the change you are looking for. My friend, come out of the darkness & see how much better it is with light!

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